Properly Handling the Word of Truth


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496 pages, 12 lessons, 10″ x 7″, perfect binding

Properly Handling The Word of Truth is the title of our new publication, which is now available. Sub-titled “12 Basic Lessons to Ensure You Handle The Bible as God Intends,” this publication begins with a simple appeal to the reader to honestly consider whether or not he is properly handling God’s word as he studies it and as he applies it to his life.

Based upon our Basic Bible Comprehension video series, the 12 lessons in Properly Handling The Word of Truth follow the teaching format of the video series. In essence it is our Basic Bible Comprehension video series in book form.

In view of the vital and ongoing need that there is for Christians to be confronted with their need to be “rightly dividing the word of truth,” we appreciate the publication of any literature, (or any form of teaching) that does this. Likewise we appreciate other efforts that appeal to saints to honestly verify the soundness of the doctrines that they profess, or that they live by, or to which they give heed.

ISBN 978-1-930863-10-1

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