About Us

We are an independent Bible study organization. This means that we are not part of a denomination or formal association of churches. Therefore, we do not exist to support any denomination or organization, but only to provide a ministry for the teaching of the word of God for the edifying of the body of Christ.

As a Bible study organization we use a variety of means to help Christians understand and enjoy the Bible. We publish literature in the form of books and booklets, doctrinal tracts pamphlets, and reprinted Bible studies/articles our former newsletter entitled The Enjoy the Bible Quarterly. We offer Bible teaching on video, with a large list of Bible teaching on DVD and CD. In addition we offer also offer lessons from our radio program called The Enjoy the Bible Broadcast. For more information about any or all of these items, see their separate listing on our home page.

Enjoy The Bible Ministries is managed by a few volunteers, who not only work their own jobs but who also give of their free time to look after this website, fill orders, respond to email, and the like. This means that there are times when we are just not available or are not able to respond to matters as quickly as we would like. Therefore if you contact us, please understand that there may be a delay in responding to you.

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