Matthew Survey Section 3


(2 CD’s in sleeve)

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The four Gospel accounts record the arrival of the climactic stage in God’s program with Israel, when the “gospel of the kingdom” began to be heralded to Israel and Christ had come to begin to implement the mandates of the Davidic Covenant. Of the four Gospels, God has placed the book of Matthew doctrinally first, especially in preparation for its most important role yet to come when following this dispensation God resumes His program and dealings with Israel. At that time the book of Matthew is designed to have a specific impact upon the whole nation of Israel, along with a fundamental edifying function for the believing remnant. This series of studies examines the doctrinal role of Matthew’s Gospel in Israel’s program, along with the vast number of dispensational differences that exist between the climactic stage in God’s program with Israel and this present dispensation in which we live.

This basic doctrinal survey of the book of Matthew is composed of 4 sections, in accordance with the book’s 4 major doctrinal presentations. We only have the frost 3 sections are available. The fourth was not produced.

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