Doctrinal Tracts


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Individual titles are sold in packs of 25 (3.5″ x x8.5″, double folded)

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Specific treatment of a number of the issues pertaining to “rightly dividing the word of truth,” along with the distinction between God’s program and dealings with Israel and this present dispensation of Gentile grace, can be found in this series of doctrinal tracts produced by Pastor Keith R. Blades 

Doctrinal Tract Titles

A Set of All 21 Doctrinal Tracts, Studying the Bible (Multi-colored Dispensational Chart), The Apostle Paul & His Special Apostleship, The Apostle Paul & the 12 Apostles, The Crisis of Acts 1-7 & the Dispensation of Grace, The Day of Pentecost, The Dispensation of the Grace of God, The Fullness of God's Program with Israel, Israel's Great Commissions & Our Great Commissions, The Kingdom Church, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Ministry of John the Baptist, Repentance to Israel, The Salt of the Earth, The Sermon on the Mount-It's Purpose & General Content, The Sermon on the Mount-The Beatitudes, The Sermon on the Mount-The Lord's Prayer, The Sermon on the Mount-"Ask" "Seek"& Knock", The Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven Dispensational Chart), "Time Past" & "Now", The Unique Signs of Mark 16, The Word of God on a Blank Page

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