Survey of God’s Program with Israel


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This 200+ hour study in 10 parts was taught was taught by Pastor Blades over a span of 5 years at the North Calgary Open Bible Fellowship. It provides for a solid and thorough comprehension of God’s program with Israel from the conception of the nation to the creation of the new heavens and new earth.

SPECIAL NOTE: Parts 1 through 10 of this study were taped many years ago without the intent of offering them as we are now through this ministry. Because steps weren’t taken to guard the quality of the recordings the sound quality varies with each study.  If you would like to try Part 1 and find the quality unacceptable, we will give you a full refund without question.

Study Titles

Part 1, Genesis, Part 2, Exodus -Deuteronomy, Part 3, Joshua, Part 4, Judges-I Sam16, Part 5, I Sam16-I Kings 11, Part 6, I Kings 12-II Kings 16:20, Part 7, Isaiah-Malachi, Part 8, Daniel, Part 9, Ezra,Nehemiah,Esther,Haggai,Zech,Malachi, Part10, Silence of God, Job-Song of Solomon

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