1. God Consciousness


(Pack of 25; 3-fold; 6 panels; 2-7/8″ x 5-1/2″ )

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There are 3 tracts specifically designed to deal with someone who is not responding positively to the basic light of God Consciousness. Of the three, two of them address someone whose negative response to God Consciousness takes the form of atheism or agnosticism. Both of these tracts pretty much say the same things, however the approach is different in each. The third tract addresses someone who professes belief in a God, but not the “true and living God” of The Bible. He may call himself a theist, deist, or be the follower of some other religion. Nevertheless, he is still responding negatively to the light of God Consciousness.

Tract Titles

But…What If You Are Wrong?, Is that Your Final Answer?, Could You Possibly Be Worshipping The Wrong God?

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